Eco friendly business spotlight

Being environmentally friendly or eco-friendly is becoming more and more essential. Eco-friendly items encourage green living by conserving energy and preventing air pollution, water, and noise. They are beneficial to the environment while also avoiding the degradation of human health. 

The word may be seen in various places, including job postings, dating profiles, and even real estate advertisements for residences and vacation homes. So, what does it mean to be eco-friendly? Warrington has really stepped up their game this year by taking more actions to contribute to our surroundings and targeting people who care about the environment. So, what actions have we been taking?

Golden Square

GS stands for Greener Shopping! Our beloved Golden Square is dedicated to being a responsible organisation that looks after the environment, its employees, and our community. Recently, the shopping centre has run a Greener Shopping campaign which they rolled out for a week and solely focused on content relating to sustainability for the whole week. They highlighted the retailers that take the proper steps to become more sustainable; for example, Lush has just released their new knot wraps! Which are made from entirely organic cotton and sustainable plastic bottles for an alternative way to wrap your gifts. So far, Lush has saved nearly 6 million plastic bottles globally from selling shampoo bars alone. When packaging is unavoidable, we prefer to use recycled materials. … They like their packaging to be reused, recycled or composted at the end of their lives and aim to have 100% of their packaging recyclable or compostable. If you would like to read more about your favourite shopping centre’s actions towards the environment, click here to make a difference.

Warrington Market

If you didn’t know already, the multi-award-winning market is home to more than 50 fantastic independent traders, selling a wide range of fresh food, gifts, goods and services. But did you know a handful of these stalls are taking more and more steps to become eco-friendly? For example, we met the lovely Natalie from Two Brothers, and she gave us a real insight into what materials and ingredients they use in your favourite vegan treats. All their cups are compostable, they reuse their coffee bean sacks, and the brothers who own the business try to reduce their energy waste to increase efficiency. Another sustainable business in WM is Dark Side Of The Spoon; not only do they sell seriously delicious vegan/gluten-free treats, but they also have their vegan ice cream with a wide variety of flavours to choose from. To top it off, most of their packaging is recyclable… Always keeping things green.


We all love and know the Ccokhedge, it’s home to some of the biggest brands like Asda and Argos, but do you know what actions they take to making the shopping centre more sustainable? Amongst all of the retailers, they it’s home to multiple different charity shops, one of them being The British Heart Foundation. Fast fashion and throwaway culture have an ethical and ecological alternative in charity shops. You may find excellent quality things at a reasonable price at any charity shop. We could do much more to encourage textile and garment recycling and reuse if local and national governments provided the necessary assistance. Not only do we have fantastic charity shops available, we also have Little Planet Coffee who write lovely affirmations and the steps they take towards improving the environment. It’s definitely worth the trip!


If you didn’t already know, the earth has been in town! The magnificent artwork, which measures seven metres in diameter, represents the Earth’s surface as seen from orbit using comprehensive NASA photos. Culture Warrington is working with the artist again after visiting the Parr Hall in October 2019 with his highly successful ‘Museum of the Moon,’ which has been seen by over three million people in 25 countries. Unlike the moon, which we’ve been looking at for millennia, the first-time humans saw Earth as a blue marble floating in orbit was in 1968, when NASA launched the Apollo 8 mission. of the Moon,’ which has been seen by over three million people in 25 countries. Unlike the moon, which we’ve been looking at for millennia, the first-time humans saw Earth as a blue marble floating in orbit was in 1968, when NASA launched the Apollo 8 mission. The event was a huge success, as people from all ages were visiting the masterpiece in all its glory at The Parr Hall.

Count me in

Recently, we’ve been getting involved with the Count me in campaign, you might’ve seen it on our socials. #CountMeIn is a campaign aimed at making Warrington an even better place to live, work, visit and do business.

It’s about making a difference for ourselves and for the communities around us. It’s aimed at encouraging more of us to become active citizens and recognising the difference we can all make. In many respects, Count Me In is about doing the right thing.

Could you volunteer your time to a local cause or community group? Could you encourage those around you to become more active and healthier? Could you spend more money at local shops than national chains? By pledging to make a positive difference alongside other residents, communities, and businesses, we can make Warrington a place to be proud of.

The campaign is yours… The list of things you can do to count yourself in is endless. Talk to your colleagues, friends and family about how you are already counting yourself in, or about how you can do things differently, to make Warrington a better place for those that live, work, visit and do business.

To keep our town eco-friendly, we first need to support it and its businesses. So, here are a few ways to make significant actions towards being more eco-friendly. We encourage you to visit them, and whilst you’re at it, why not explore different places you might stumble across?