RLWC student exhibition at Warrington Market

For the first time, students from Priestley College and Warrington Royal Vale College will be coming together for a joint exhibition to celebrate this year’s Rugby League World Cup.

This exhibition is an exciting collaboration of artwork created by Art and Design students at both Priestley College and Warrington and Vale Royal College.

The theme of ‘Coming Together’ is multi-faceted, representing the many different countries and players coming together for the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC), our local Warrington colleges coming together to produce and install the exhibition and more broadly speaking, humanity coming together for the common good.

Students were given a very open brief, producing artwork which represented their own personal interpretations of ‘Coming Together’. The artworks include painting, drawing, mixed media and collage.

The artwork is being exhibited at Warrington Market to mark the launch of the Rugby League World Cup in October and November.

The exhibition will be open from Friday 30 September to Saturday 19 November, at the Warrington Market mezzanine.

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Sep 30 2022 - Nov 19 2022


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