How to be sustainable in Summer 2022

As the energy price crisis continues, it’s more important to start making greener choices to reduce energy bills and your cost of living. Therefore, we’re holding a greener campaign to provide Warrington’s citizens and business owners with information on how to keep hold of their disposable income. 

Your first step would be switching to a lower-carbon provider. There are several benefits:

Save money on gas & electric: Most people save money when they switch suppliers. By switching energy providers, you could save up to £300 annually, according to MoneySuperMarket. But despite all the advantages, most people still do not change! 

Switching providers is simple: People often get worried about switching being difficult. The good news is that consumer protection laws protect us as consumers. So switching is made simple, and we’ll never have our power cut off for making a simple provider change. In addition, a voluntary industry agreement called the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) ensures that switching is quick, easy, and secure.

Green electricity: Reduce carbon footprint and support UK renewable energy projects by purchasing green power! To match the precise amount of electricity consumed in your property, an equivalent number of green energy certificates from sources like wind, hydro, and solar power will be purchased.

Contributing to the 3rs

Reduce: Reducing the amount of waste you produce is super easy in Warrington! Instead of throwing your food away, donate it to the Craft In Mind food bank, based in the Cockhedge Shopping Centre. They help people in the benefits system, who are victims of domestic abuse, or who have been made homeless. Anyone who requires assistance is invited to utilise their services free of charge. Founded by John Wilson and Emma Green in 2020, it initially sold face masks during the pandemic to raise funds for their food bank and older people across Warrington who were isolated and unable to leave their homes. Throughout the pandemic, they managed to feed over 200 families, including Christmas dinner and provided help and assistance to the victims of the Dallam floods. 

Why are food banks important? Food banks are vital for more reasons than one. Not only do they feed those in need, but they offer support and help to those gripped by poverty. Food that might otherwise be wasted is put to good use when it is distributed through food banks and other redistribution organisations. Residents and local businesses can contribute to such initiatives. It’s possible for households to have extra or unused food.

Reuse: If you’re bored of wearing the same old outfits, head down to Vintage Viola in Times Square. They used to be based inside the Golden Square Shopping Mall. However, they have moved to an even bigger and quirkier space. Not only can you shop, but you can drop at Brewed Boy Coffee & Co for some vegan treats (based at the back of the shop.) 

Recycle: Have you got wardrobe space for new clothes? Or are you a hoarder? Stop holding onto old items and give them to somebody who would appreciate them. Our top tip is, if you haven’t worn or used it in the past 6 months, GET RID! But don’t throw them away; give them to your local charity shops as it’s great for the planet. By donating your clothes instead, you can help fight landfill, reduce demand for resource-hungry new clothes, and have a tangible impact on making fashion more sustainable. Here are some local charity shops based in the town centre:

  • Vintage Viola – Warrington Old Fish Market
  • The Salvation Army – Buttermarket St 
  • British Heart Foundation – Buttermarket St
  • Cancer Research UK – Sankey St
  • Care UK – Cockhedge Shopping Centre
  • Debra UK – Cockhedge Shopping Centre
  • British Heart Foundation Home Store – Cockhedge Shopping Centre
  • Craft In Mind – Cockhedge Shopping Centre

Local fruit & veg

If you’re looking for fresh, local fruit & veg, head into The Warrington Market. Warrington Fruit & Veg have everything you need to load up on your five a day. Not only does Rob sell fresh juice to most of the bars in Warrington, but he does plenty of things to be more environmentally friendly:

  • Stay away from paper straws 
  • Uses paper bags to package their strawberries
  • Supports local farms by using them as their suppliers

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