Love where you live

Cheshire Day is taking place on 30th March, an opportunity to share Your Cheshire Story, the story of why you love where you live and we’d love to get you involved as we have so much rich history in our County.

So, consider this; what’s your first memory of being in Cheshire? Ours is of being a child at Walton Gardens and of crossing the bridge by the canal, our parents telling us it was our ‘own private bridge’; we clearly never used to look behind us to see the other day trippers crossing the same bridge! We used to love running through to the park and gardens beyond, taking picnics on sunny days and visiting the zoo. The play equipment has changed over the years, but the park still attracts plenty of visitors all keen to enjoy it’s plentiful attractions. When we grew up and had children of our own, we used to love to retrace our childhood steps, all the while marvelling how it was different now.

Live where you love

There are so many beautiful walks where we live; we love the walk along the St Helens Canal to Spike Island which takes in many sights you can only see on foot. The spectacular sweep of the River Mersey at the Ferry Tavern at Penketh makes you realise how it was once an important trade route bringing goods inland. One place we love to visit is sunny Lymm, with it’s quaint cobbles and charming canal, it’s always lovely to have a wander around the Dam and finish with coffee and a cake or a glass of something cold in the village.

Further afield, how about beautiful Dunham Massey, or Tatton Park and if you’re heading that way, why not stop for a mooch in lovely Knutsford. Don’t forget to Go Ape in Delamere Forest and visit the fabulous Fishpool Inn afterwards, and whilst Cheshire may be mostly land-locked, there’s still plenty of opportunity to be by the water. The superb sandstone trail starts in Frodsham overlooking the Mersey estuary and runs for some 55 kilometres to Whitchurch with some wonderful walks and perfect pubs along the way.

Is your favourite part of Cheshire the County Town of Chester; the River Dee glinting in the sunshine or bobbling over the cobbled streets as you listen to people perform in the streets or the infamous town crier. Or Chester Zoo, Cheshire Ice Cream Farm; have you taken time to explore the charming towns on the outskirts of Northwich, their fortunes built on the salt trade. If you haven’t visited Davenham, you’re missing out!

Home is where the heart is

Back home again, there’s so much to do in Warrington too; for a fun family day out we have Gulliver’s World and Splash Zone in Warrington, Applejacks Adventure Farm (which transforms into Spooky World in the autumn), we have the Transpennine trail, the Lewis Carrol Museum, Norton Priory.

We have some incredible walks and parks right on our doorstep; have you visited the ‘wibbly wobbly’ Howley Bridge that spans the River Mersey from Howley to Victoria Park? A marvel of engineering, it is a Grade II listed structure and was built in 1912. There are walks along the Mersey, around Victoria Park and the sheer number of activities that go on in the park are mindblowing. From Athletics to Walking Touch Rugby League, Tai-Chi to Skateboarding, this oasis of green in the middle of Warrington is a spectacular space, and is free for all to enjoy (membership may apply to some of the activities mentioned).

We really could go on and on, and we hope this little snapshot of some of our favourite things in Cheshire has given you the encouragement to click here and share your Cheshire story. After all, Lewis Carroll’s writing started somewhere, and what better place to start your writing than writing about the places you love to visit.

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