Travel with confidence by taxi this Christmas

Warrington residents who are out and about for the festive season are being encouraged to keep themselves safe by following the ‘taxi travel checklist’.

The Christmas period will see more people than ever – from partygoers to shoppers – relying on taxis for their journeys. Taxis provide an invaluable service, helping people to travel around the town. It’s important that everyone can travel with confidence.

Taxis need to be licensed to operate but this can be with any council. This means that some taxis operating locally can be licensed by an authority hundreds of miles away.

All councils should have public and driver safety as their primary concern and there are national minimum standards, but safeguarding controls can still vary; depending on where the vehicle is licensed.

Warrington Borough Council wants everyone to travel with confidence and is urging people to follow some simple checks:

• Look for the council crest and CCTV stickers when using taxi ranks

• When pre-booking a journey, ask about where the vehicle is licensed and confirm your booking with the driver before getting it.

• Ensure that you have means of payment and check in advance whether cards are accepted.

• Think about using apps that allow you to share your location

• Know how to make a complaint:

Warrington Borough Council works closely with licensed drivers to promote safer streets and safer travel. This includes robust checks on the suitability of drivers, regular compliance checks by local officers, and action to address any issues.

As an additional safety feature, vehicles licensed in Warrington have CCTV fitted as standard.

Warrington Borough Council’s cabinet member for environment, housing, and public protection, Cllr Hitesh Patel, said: “Warrington’s taxis provide a valuable service for the public, especially late at night when other forms of public transport are not always available. That’s why we’re taking every step to ensure our taxis operate to the highest standards and provide a safe, quality service.

“The use of CCTV in all of the licensed vehicles is a really important part of our work to protect the public and drivers, and improve the likely detection of crime. We want everyone to feel that when they travel by taxi – this Christmas and beyond – that they can do so safely, securely, and with confidence.

“Thinking about where your taxi is licensed and following the simple checklist is an important step you can take to ensure your journey is a safe one.”